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Friday Night Dialogue: Discussion with author on new book — ‘All’s Fair and Other California Stories’

Linda Feyder will discuss her new book, “All’s Fair and Other California Stories,” in person at the Shelter Island Public Library and on Zoom on Friday, Jan. 13 at 7 p.m.

In this debut collection, writer and psychotherapist Feyder portrays a diverse group of protagonists seeking fulfillment and connection in sunny California. She sketches her characters with pitch-perfect honesty as they reassess their identities or confront the exact moment when they face the fragility of life, or of themselves.

The book introduces a series of characters grappling with changes or issues in their lives, from examining their sexuality to a failed marriage and deeply frayed family ties. The stories are set against the backdrop of sunny Southern California, which offers a deceptive brightness that becomes the glare of reality.

Feyder draws upon her own career as a psychotherapist in illuminating the lives and interior workings of her characters. The NYU-trained psychotherapist has a practice in Garden City. Her clients are often trying to deal with stress or important life issues, and she applies her background in communication in her practice.

She has a Masters in creative writing and literature from the University of Houston, and worked as a college professor of writing and literature for 10 years.

“A large part of my work is helping clients put words to feelings they have, but don’t know how to express,” she has said. Critical praise for her new book takes note of her abilities.

“Ms. Feyder has a first-rate ear, a noticing eye, and a wide-ranging sympathy; this is a book to savor and a very welcome new voice,” wrote Nicholas Delbanco, author of “Why Writing Matters.”

“Ultimately,” Ms. Feyder has said, “a good storyteller must also be a good listener.”

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