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Shelter Island Police Department blotter, Jan. 18, 2023

Those named in arrest reports or receiving police summonses have not been convicted of a crime. In court, the charges against them may be reduced or withdrawn or the defendants may be found not guilty.


Eugene C. Burnell, 33, of Shelter Island, was arrested at 9:39 p.m. on Jan. 14 on South Ferry Road and charged with driving while ability impaired by alcohol. The defendant was processed at police headquarters and detained. The defendant was later released on an appearance ticket directing him to appear in Shelter Island Justice Court at a later date. The arrest followed an accident involving the defendant.


On Jan. 14, a vehicle operated by Carlos V. Fernandezurgiles of Greenport was parked in the ferry line on South Ferry Road when his vehicle was rear ended by a vehicle operated by Eugene C. Burnell of Shelter Island, causing damage exceeding $1,000. Mr. Burnell told police he was reaching for a ferry ticket on his dashboard when he lifted his foot off the brake, causing the collision. Further investigation led police to charge Mr. Burnell as detailed above.

On Jan. 11, a vehicle operated by Police Officer Glenn Kehl was traveling southbound on St. Mary’s Road when a deer ran into the driver’s side front fender and door, causing damage in excess of $1,000.


On Jan. 12, James Lupo of Shelter Island was ticketed on North Ferry Road for speeding 45 mph in a 30-mph zone.

Paul Geenty of West Camp, N.Y. was ticketed on Jan. 13 on South Ferry Road for operating a motor vehicle while using a portable electronic device.


A complainant reported a possible financial crime on Jan. 9. Also, on the 9th, a caller reported overgrown vines on cable and telephone wires between West Neck Road and Hilo Drive. Verizon was notified.

A property owner reported an unknown male seen taking pictures/video on private property on Jan. 9.

On Jan. 10, an extra patrol was requested in the Heights by a complainant who said she’d been notified by her attorney that a person was a suspect in a crime.

Police conducted an interview on Jan. 10 in response to a request from Suffolk County PD 6th Precinct regarding a missing person. The interview revealed no contact with the missing person, which was reported to a 6th Precinct detective.

A person was notified of an Affidavit of Trespass on Jan. 10.

On Jan. 11, a complainant walked into police headquarters reporting a person continuously reporting him to the Building Department; he feels it is harassment. Police advised the complainant the actions did not rise to the level of harassment.

Police responded to Southampton Village PD on Jan. 11 regarding a prior domestic dispute in SIPD jurisdiction.

A caller on Jan. 12 advised police of persons with diminishing mental health. There are health aides in the home, but the caller asked that police notify her if their assistance is required.

On Jan. 13, a caller wished to document an issue with hunters in Hay Beach the day before.

Also on that date, police responded to a call from a Silver Beach homeowner stating that her electric bill had become very high and no one was living at the house. Caller requested police check the house and provide an extra patrol at night. Officers checked the inside of the house and found no signs of criminal activity or anyone living at the residence.

Police responded to a burglary reported on Jan. 13 where a person entered a Center residence and stole cash.

A complainant notified police on Jan. 14 of harassing phone calls.

A missing person was reported on Jan. 14 by her aunt.

Police took possession of a weapon surrendered on Jan. 15 and placed it in a locker for safekeeping.

On that date, a North Ferry employee reported that the driver of a gray Subaru had driven off the ferry without paying and did not stop at the ATM to get money to pay the fare. The employee stated that the driver had asked for a round-trip ticket and might return. The ferry company wished only to collect the $22 fare and not press charges. The police canvassed the area and a stretch of Route 114 with negative results

A complainant reported on Jan. 15 that an unknown male entered her residence stating that he was there for work. The resident said she had not hired him for work and advised him to leave, which he did without incident. The complainant said she only wished to document the incident for informational purposes.

Police conducted radar enforcement in Menantic, distracted driving in the Center on Jan. 9, 11. 13, 14 resulting in three warnings.

In other actions: police performed court duty; provided a lift assist, opened a locked door in the Center; and conducted a well-being check.


On Jan. 11, a caller reported a hawk in distress on the ground in the Center. The hawk flew away as the animal control officer (ACO) approached.

An injured deer in the Center was reported on Jan. 12. Police dispatched the animal and notified the Highway Department.

The ACO captured a bat reported in a West Neck residence on Jan. 13 and transported the animal to the Wildlife Rescue Center to be housed over the winter.

An owl was reported in distress on the ground in West Neck on Jan. 15, but could not be located by the ACO after an extensive search.


A general fire alarm was activated in the Center on Jan. 9. The Fire Department responded and determined it was a false alarm. The owner was notified.

On Jan. 12, a residential alarm in a Center residence was accidentally activated by a worker. The homeowner was advised by voicemail.

A residential alarm was activated in Shorewood on Jan. 15 by a family-room motion detector. Police canvassed the premises and found no signs of criminality. 


Emergency Medical Services transported persons to Eastern Long Island Hospital on Jan. 9, 12, 13 and 15. One person was transported to Southampton Hospital on Jan. 12.