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Amber Brach-Williams is running for supervisor: Republicans announce candidates for November

While Island Democrats are working to finalize their candidates for the November election, the Republicans announced their endorsements of a slate that Party Chairman Gary Blados characterized as “incredibly strong.”

As expected, Amber Brach-Williams will be heading the GOP ticket, making a run for town supervisor.

She has been elected to the Town Board three times and has been Deputy Supervisor to Supervisor Gerry Siller and former supervisor Gary Gerth.

With her professional background as an accountant, Ms. Brach-Williams has been a point person in developing town budgets for two administrations and tracking spending each year, providing counsel on how the Town Board responds to unexpected expenditures.

“I do bring a different style” than Mr. Siller, Ms. Brach-Williams said Monday. If elected to take the lead role, she said she would ramp up the approach to water quality issues, focusing on what she describes as “low hanging fruit,” such as banning the use of pesticides in the Near Shore & Peninsula Overlay District.

Ms. Brach-Williams wants tofocus on working with the new hires who have come on board in the past few years in the ongoing effort to make government more efficient and to improve communication within Town Hall and with the public.

She disagrees with housing proposals put forth by Gov. Kathy Hochul (D) that she believes imposes state policies in place of a local approach. “We have to do it our way,” Ms. Brach Williams said.

She “believes in a proactive approach; not a reactive approach,” to government challenges, Mr. Blados said.

“Town Hall must get in order internally and the focus will be on transparency, managed growth and making sure our departments communicate with each other effectively,” the chairman said. He praised Ms. Brach-Williams’ ability to listen, saying she has proven effective as deputy supervisor. “With Amber as our supervisor, the horse is back in front of the cart,” he added.

Her Republican running mates for Town Board seats are former police officer Tom Cronin and former town supervisor Art Williams. Mr. Williams was town supervisor from 2001 through 2005.

He ran again in 2015 against incumbent Democratic Supervisor Jim Dougherty, and lost.

Mr. Williams’ experience in dealing with complex issues, Mr. Blados said, including water quality, housing and zoning, plus his background as an accountant, would serve the community well.

Mr. Cronin is a 23-year veteran of the Police Department, retiring in 2018. He has been involved in many charitable organizations and has been an advocate for seniors in the town’s Department of Senior Services, Mr. Blados said.

His activities have impacted the lives of nearly every family on the Island, the party chairman said. Mr. Cronin would be focused on transparency, listening to constituents and “working to unite what has become a fractured community,” Mr. Blados said.

The Republicans have endorsed Amber Wilson to continue as Town Clerk, a position she was appointed to following the retirement of Dorothy Ogar; Ken Lewis Jr. as highway superintendent, replacing Brian Sherman who is retiring; and incumbent Annmarie Seddio as tax receiver.

 Mr. Blados predicted this year would “usher in a new era. We will tackle our long-term fiscal and environmental responsibilities with common sense and a proactive approach.”