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Shelter Island Police Department blotter: Feb. 28, 2023

Those named in arrest reports or receiving police summonses have not been convicted of a crime. In court, the charges against them may be reduced or withdrawn or the defendants may be found not guilty.


Domingo J. Gil, Shelter Island, was driving on New York Avenue on Feb. 24 when he was stopped by police for speeding — 45 miles per hour in a 25-mph zone.

On Feb. 25, Pantelis J. Karoussos, Amagansett, was ticketed on North Ferry Road for failure to keep right.

David M. Burrell, Shelter Island, was also given a summons on West Neck Road on Feb. 26 for failure to keep to the right.

A town summons was issued by the animal control officer (ACO) to John L. Michalak, Shelter Island, on Feb. 18 for permitting his two dogs to run at large on South Ferry Road where they harassed chickens and goats.

Police made 16 radar enforcement, distracted driving and traffic stops on Menantic, the Heights and the Center on Feb 17, 20-22 and 24-26, resulting in nine warnings and three tickets.


Caitlin N. Binder was driving south on North Midway Road on Feb. 16 when a deer ran out from Sachem’s Woods and hit her vehicle, causing over $1,000 damage to the front bumper and grille in a draft accident report.

On Feb. 18, an officer responded to property damage to a split fence. Evidence was recovered from the scene on Oak Tree Lane that matched the defendant’s damaged vehicle. According to the draft police report, Thomas J. Charls, Shelter Island, had not notified the police before leaving the scene of the accident, which had occurred on Feb. 6. He was subsequently issued a ticket for leaving the scene of an accident involving property damage.

On Feb. 17, Alfredo Valentin Jr., Montauk, was attempting to back out of a parking space on North Menantic Road when he backed into a parked vehicle belonging to Paul A. Salazar, Elmhurst. Mr. Valentin was unable to contact the owner but left a note with contact and vehicle information; police were able to contact Mr. Valentin and corroborate the story. Damage to both vehicles exceeded $1,000 to the left rear bumper of Mr. Valentin’s pickup truck and the right front side of Mr. Salazar’s Suburban.

Bryan S. Francisco, Shelter Island, reported on Feb. 23 that he was driving south on Ram Island Road when a deer ran out on the roadway, hit his vehicle and caused over $1,000 in damage to the driver’s-side front and rear door. No injuries were noted in the draft report.

On Feb. 26, James W. Eklund, Shelter Island, told police that while he was driving north on North Ferry Road, a deer ran onto the roadway, hit his vehicle and caused over $1,000 to the left front of his pickup truck. According to the draft report, the deer was gone on arrival.


A case of possible fraud was reported to police on Feb. 17. On the 18th, police conducted a confidential investigation into a suspicious activity in the Heights. A financial crime was also investigated in the Center on the 18th.

Police responded to a verbal domestic dispute in Longview on Feb. 19.

On the 20th, an officer escorted a woman to her Heights residence to retrieve her spare car keys after she had been locked out of her vehicle.

A caller told police that hunting was causing a disturbance in Menantic; the person hunting was legally permitted to hunt.

A North Ferry Heights employee told police that a truck had driven off the ferry and had failed to stop at the ATM to get cash for the fare. An officer patrolled the Island and was unable to locate the driver; the North Ferry Company was not looking to press charges, only to obtain the round-trip fare.

Icy road conditions were reported in the Center on Feb. 25 and in the Heights on Feb. 26.

In other incidents during the week: police unlocked one vehicle with the keys inside; conducted two well-being checks; provided four lift assists for residents; responded to one lost and found report; carried out traffic control for three funerals; and gave feedback to driver’s ed students.


The Shelter Island Fire Department (SIFD) answered three calls on Feb. 18 in the Center and Feb. 23 on Ram Island. All three were declared false alarms.

A carbon monoxide alarm in Shorewood on Feb. 19 was confirmed by the SIFD to be caused by a faulty detector.

A basement motion alarm was set off in Hay Beach on Feb. 22. The premises and the area were searched and all were secure.


A deer with a broken leg was reported in a Longview yard. The animal ran off into the woods when an officer arrived; the area was canvassed with negative results. A second injured deer in Longview was also gone on arrival.

An injured deer stuck on a fence in Westmoreland was put down by police.

A barking dog was reported in Hay Beach. The ACO located the dog and obtained the owner’s permission to put him inside the residence.


Shelter Island Emergency Medical Services teams transported two people to Eastern Long Island Hospital on Feb. 20 and 26; a third person refused medical transport on the 17th.