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Shelter Island Reporter Letters to the Editor: March 16, 2023


To the Editor:

It is absolutely appalling for an inconsiderate landlord to evict tenants and have them read about it in the newspaper before his lawyer even has the courtesy to write them a letter (‘Tenants at town-owned house must move,” March 2).

It is equally atrocious that the said inconsiderate landlord would be iniquitous enough to rent out a property that is structurally unsafe and is infected with asbestos and lead paint in the first place.

What kind of mean, supercilious person would be so insolent to say it was “kindness” not to force tenants out of this rat hole during the pandemic, but it is no longer “the kind thing” that they should now be put out on the street.

It is very disconcerting to know this inconsiderate landlord is our elected Town Board.

This same Town Board wants to build and manage an additional eight to 10 residential units to provide affordable housing for our less fortunate neighbors. Any person who thinks these incompetent landlords have that capability suffers from some serious delusions.

Some of these same officials have the audacity to run for re-election? We need young, capable, compassionate new leaders to solve our problems.

DAVID OLSEN, Shelter Island


To the Editor:

The horrific collision in East Marion with four deaths and a two-hour intense battery fire could have happened anywhere, including Shelter Island.  

An investigation continues, but it is very possible that misuse of auto-driving of the brand-new 2023 Tesla was involved. According to reports, auto-driving is a factor in a disproportionate number of fatal collisions in recent months, with Tesla cars disproportionately involved. 

Recent reporting also explains the misleading nature of Tesla’s safety claims.

I enjoy Shelter Island’s low-traffic roads. And I am concerned that misuse of auto-driving will put all fellow-drivers, cyclists and pedestrians at risk.  A driver’s hand belongs on the wheel. I urge action by local and county officials to restrict auto-driving on Shelter Island’s roads. 


Preserve historic Shelter Island

To the Editor:

For someone who has lived on Shelter Island since 1984, the growth of dwellings, mini-estates, and large homes on the Island is noticeable.

We need an Architectural Review Board (ARB). Owning a  historic building in Sag Harbor on Main Street, I know first hand the value of historic property.

We in the Hamptons have ARBs to protect the community and preserve the historic value of our villages and buildings. It’s noticeable that on Shelter Island our historic homes built well before 1900 are being removed and rebuilt in a new, architectural forward design.

These historic houses can never be replaced.

I am in no way suggesting people do not have control over their own property. I am suggesting you take a step back to preserve the beautiful, historic Shelter Island.