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Quick Quiz — Asking around the Island  |  Mike Johnson

This week, we posed our quick five questions to Michael Johnson, aka Fire Marshal Mike, secretary of the Shelter Island Fire District, beloved by children for kicking off the annual Halloween Parade, and arriving by fire truck to make a bewhiskered appearance at Island Christmas tree lightings.

1. Favorite breakfast sandwich, from what Island location?

Egg, bacon, cheese on a roll at the drug store.

2. Wades or Crescent beach, and why?

Wades Beach — watching the boats.

3. Best place on the Island to view a sunset?

Louie’s Beach.

4. Favorite Island event: Fireworks, 10K, 5K, craft fair, Chicken Barbecue?

No question. The Chicken Barbecue.

5. Favorite place to take a walk on the Island?

Ram Island Causeway beach.