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Shelter Island Police Department blotter: Aug. 8, 2023

Those named in arrest reports or receiving police summonses have not been convicted of a crime. In court, the charges against them may be reduced or withdrawn or the defendants may be found not guilty.


Bartholomew J. Lawson, Shelter Island, was stopped on West Neck Road on Aug. 2 and ticketed for driving an uninspected vehicle.

On Aug. 3, three tickets were issued — Alec N. Mineo, Hampton Bays, on South Ferry Road for operating a vehicle with a suspended/revoked registration; and Rowan S. Pepper, Shelter Island, for driving an unregistered vehicle and with a suspended/revoked registration on New York Avenue.

Robert F. Reilly of New York City was given a summons on Aug. 5 for driving an uninspected vehicle on Manwaring Road. On Aug. 6, Christina M. Coyle, Larchmont, was ticketed on North Ferry Road for moving from the lane unsafely.

Police made 16 distracted driving, radar enforcement and traffic stops on July 31 and Aug. 1 through 6 in the Center, Menantic, West Neck, Dering Harbor, the Heights and South Ferry, resulting in 12 warnings and six tickets.

At three traffic stops, police advised underage E-bike riders about the New York State e-bike regulations.

Traffic control officers issued 76 parking tickets.

Bay constables issued eight tickets on July 28 and 31 and Aug. 5 and 6: Richard M. Blair, Bayside, for operating an unregistered boat off Crescent Beach; and Michael V. Crocitto, West Neck Harbor, for not having a throwable lifesaving device on board. He was also given warnings for having no personal flotation devices for children under 12, no visual distress signal and no fire extinguisher.

Tickets were also issued to Karilla Altman, Brooklyn, for operating a boat too close to swimmers at Crescent Beach; Joseph C. Robinson, New York City, for an unregistered boat in Coecles Harbor; Keith Gardiner, New York City, for operating too close to swimmers at Crescent Beach; Charles W. Lawrence, New York City, for operating with an expired registration in West Neck Harbor; Daniel P. Wall, East Hampton, imprudent speed within 100 ft. of another boat, in the entrance to Coecles Harbor; and Victor Rallo, Red Bank, N.J., operating too close to swimmers at Crescent Beach.


Jeffrey A. Gibbs, Shelter Island, was driving north on North Menantic Road on Aug. 5 when he hit a deer, causing minor damage to the front of his vehicle.


A counterfeit $100 bill was discovered on July 31 and turned over to police for further investigation.

The animal control officer (ACO) patrolled Wades and Crescent beaches on July 30 and 31 and Aug. 1 through 6. Nine warnings were issued to dog owners. A special patrol of Shell Beach on Aug. 5 resulted in 10 warnings.

On Aug. 1, a landlord in the Center reported having issues with her tenant. An anonymous caller reported a large boat playing loud music in South Ferry. The captain was advised about the town code and he instructed the D.J. to turn off the music. A caller asked police to record a domestic dispute.

On Aug. 2, police assisted bringing a disabled inflatable back to a dock in West Neck Harbor.

Loud music was reported in the Center on Aug. 3; an officer found a small outdoor gathering and advised the host to lower the volume. It was turned off. A caller complained about a large boat operating too fast in Dering Harbor and failing to yield the right of way for a sailboat. An officer responded to a mayday VHF call about a sailboat on the rocks off Orient Point. Upon arrival, everything was under control.

A brush fire was reported in Menantic; the Shelter Island Fire Department put out the mulch fire without incident.

On Aug. 4, a patrol was requested for the Ram Island causeway because of the high volume of speeding work trucks. A display speed sign will also be posted.

A caller reported, for informational purposes, monthly suspicious text messages from an unknown caller. Police were unable to determine the source.

An officer performed a regular weekend beach check of Ram Island on Aug. 5; no youths were there.

Smoke in the Center was called in on Aug. 5; an officer discovered it was coming from a mulch pile at the Recycling Center; an employee said it would be extinguished. A warning was issued to a boat in West Neck Harbor for excessive speed, causing two large wakes.

While on patrol, officers saw several commercial boats at moorings displaying incorrect/insufficient permit numbers; all owners were notified.

Also on Aug. 5, a caller told police, for documentation purposes, that a person was walking around a Center parking lot and taking his shirt off — unusual behavior the caller said. A loud party was reported anonymously in West Neck. The host said the music would be turned down and then turned off at 11 p.m.

On the 5th, officers conducted a second Ram Island beach check and located a fire and four cases of alcoholic seltzer. The area was canvassed; two groups of youths were interviewed, both denied possession. Officers extinguished the fire and confiscated the alcohol.

Two warnings for imprudent speed were issued to boats on Aug. 6 in Coecles Harbor. Loud music in the Center was called in on Aug. 6; an officer had the host turn it down with no incident. A case of petit larceny was reported at police headquarters.

During the week, Environmental Conservation Law checks at Reel Point showed no violations and 20 people fishing. The owners of 20 boats were advised to move to designated anchorages.

In other incidents: police unlocked a vehicle with the keys inside; verified a vehicle registration; attended marine and diving training; responded to a lost and found report; answered three false 911 calls; talked to preschoolers about police work; and fingerprinted one individual for a  gun permit.


The ACO could not capture a sick turkey in West Neck, but the turkey was still able to fly. A sick turkey in HiLo was taken to a vet for euthanasia. Another sick turkey in the Center flew away when the ACO approached.

A caller said a cat brought an injured bird into a Center house; it was caught and taken to a wildlife rehabilitator. A quail hit by a car in the Center was taken to an avian vet. Two baby ospreys were reported dying on Ram Island; the ACO found two healthy fledglings.

A nest of baby birds was reported in a Dering Harbor chimney; the ACO took them to wildlife rehab.

The ACO was unable to locate dogs at large in the Center and on Ram Island; the ACO recognized another dog at large and contacted the owner. A missing dog in Silver Beach was searched for until it was found. The ACO contacted the owner of a dog at large at Reel Point; the owner said the dog wasn’t missing. After checking the dog’s microchip, she contacted the owner again; the owner picked up the dog.

A house cat was reported missing in West Neck; the ACO contacted neighbors and posted photos on social media. The cat returned home on its own.

The ACO was told a rabbit had a compound fracture of its leg; when she tried to capture it, the rabbit ran away.


Shelter Island Emergency Medical Service teams transported eight cases to Eastern Long Island Hospital on Aug. 2, 3, 4 and 6. One patient was taken to Southampton Hospital and three refused transportation.