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Shelter Island Reporter obituary: Karin Ruth Cadzin

Karin Ruth Cadzin passed away peacefully in her home on Monday Sept. 4, 2023 with her daughter by her side. She took her “last flight” after a two-and-a-half-year battle with pancreatic cancer.

Karin was born on Sept. 18, 1961 in Brooklyn, to Martin and Elfriede Cadzin; the family later moved to East Rockaway, New York.

Karin’s life was marked by adventure and an extreme passion for her various interests. These included a love of the culinary arts, boating, travel, and aviation. Her love of life and profound experiences made her truly an extraordinary individual.

Finding her love for animals and adventure early on, Karin spent her high school years as an accomplished equestrian with her chestnut horse, Golden Cerf.

After attending college in Vermont, Karin traveled to Germany, where her mother’s family resided and returned to the United States with her daughter, Carla, in November 1986.

Karin was fiercely dedicated to her family, caring for both of her parents in their later years as well as her beloved daughter, Carla. She pushed herself, having an unwavering commitment to providing Carla a wonderful childhood and education on Shelter Island.

Karin also shared her love of travel with Carla. They often could be found traveling together, from the hidden beaches of Tortola to the small islands in the Bahamas, or even mountain peaks of Colorado. Their final trip together came in March 2023 where Karin embarked on a Glacier Flying course in Talkeetna, Alaska.

One of the most significant aspects of Karin’s life was her love for aviation. Beginning at HTO (East Hampton Airport), a determined Karin obtained her Private Commercial Instrument license and CFI — Commercial Flight Instructor license. 

Showcasing her fearless spirit and determination, she enhanced her experiences by flying through islands in Maine delivering provisions, bush flying in South Africa and many other flight paths through intricate Bahamian island routes. The friendships and connections that Karin created along the many miles traveled enriched her life and experiences even further with friends all over the world.

Karin is survived by her daughter Carla and husband Mark Keerans and her grandpup, Dunton, for whom she had a deep adoration, and friends who have truly become family.

Karin was predeceased by her parents, Martin and Elfriede Cadzin and brother Rainer Cadzin.

Karin’s legacy as a mother, adventurer and pilot is a testament to the richness that comes from embracing one’s passions and pursuing a life filled with adventure. If you were considering starting your next journey, this is your sign — as Karin would say, “Just book the trip.”

In lieu of flowers, the family asks that you consider a donation to Miracle Flights at miracleflights.org/donate/ or Let’s Win Pancreatic Cancer at letswinpc.org/