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Shelter Island’s Training With Trent: Low energy, back fat

Question, from Chris C.: Hey Trent, I’m feeling lethargic throughout my day. What can I do to increase my energy levels? Also, what foods should I eat or not eat to minimize this back fat?

Answer: All right, Chris, let’s tackle your low energy levels and those sneaky back fat concerns. Buckle up for some tips to boost your energy levels throughout the day. Here are some energizing strategies.

Number one, snooze like a pro. Make sure you’re getting enough quality sleep. Aim for 7 to 9 hours of shuteye per night to recharge those batteries.

It’s like giving your body a well-deserved vacation.

Number two, move it. Regular physical activity can work wonders for your energy levels. Engage in exercises you enjoy like brisk walking, jogging, or any activity that gets you off the couch and your blood pumping.

Number three,  fuel up with good nutrition. Opt for a well-balanced diet that includes complex carbohydrates like whole grains, lean proteins, healthy fats, and plenty of fruits and vegetables. These nutrient powerhouses will give you the sustained energy you need to conquer the day.

Now let’s address those back fat concerns.

Number one, mind the calories. To minimize overall body fat, including back fat, it’s important to maintain a calorie balance, consume fewer calories than you burn to create a calorie deficit and encourage fat loss.

But don’t go to extremes; sustainable weight loss is the name of the game.

Number two, strength training is your friend. Incorporate exercises that target your back muscles like rows, pull-ups or lat pull downs. Building muscle in that area can create a more toned and defined back appearance.

Give me a call, you and I can hit the gym together.

Number three, watch your diet. While you can’t spot-reduce fat from specific areas, focusing on a healthy, balanced diet and overall weight loss can contribute to reducing back fat. Minimize processed foods, sugary drinks, and excessive saturated fats, and prioritize whole, nutrient-dense foods. Remember, achieving your goals takes time and consistency.

So, get your energy level soaring and give that back fat a run for its money.

You got this, Chris.