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Shelter Island Police Department blotter: Feb. 14, 2024

Those named in arrest reports or receiving police summonses have not been convicted of a crime. In court, the charges against them may be reduced or withdrawn or the defendants may be found not guilty.


Following an investigation of a previously reported domestic dispute, police arrested Bunnom Kaewphuang, age 54, of Shelter Island, on Feb. 12 at 8:51 a.m. She was charged with criminal mischief in the 3rd degree — a felony. Ms. Kaewphuang was arraigned in Shelter Island Justice Court, released on her own recognizance and instructed to return at a later date.

An order of protection was issued on behalf of the alledged victim.


Kevin M. McCafferty, Shelter Island, was driving on North Ferry Road on Feb. 6 when he was stopped by police and ticketed for operating an uninspected vehicle.

On Feb. 7, Steve S. Kane, Shelter Island, was given a summons for driving with inadequate or no brake lights.

Two tickets were issued to Celso F. Moreira, New York City, on Feb. 8 for driving a vehicle on North Ferry Road with a revoked/suspended registration and without insurance.

On Feb. 9, Alejo N. Lopez Alonzo, Shelter Island, was given a summons for speeding on New York Avenue — 40 miles per hour in a 25-mph zone.

William W. Helman, New York City, was ticketed on West Neck Road on Feb. 10  for operating a vehicle with a revoked/suspended registration. On the 11th, Marco P. Guzman Cabrera, Shelter Island, received a summons for speeding on New York Avenue — 42 mph in a 25-mph zone.

Police conducted 22 radar enforcement, distracted driving and traffic stops on Feb. 5 through 11 in the Center, Ram Island, the Heights, West Neck and Menantic, resulting in 10 warnings and seven tickets.


On Feb. 6, police investigated a financial crime, following a caller’s complaint about fraudulent charges on her account.

A scam phone call was reported to police on Feb. 7 for informational purposes only.

On the 8th at about 3 a.m., an officer on patrol noticed an open door at the Chequit. There were no signs of damage or any criminal activity, and the manager was later informed about the incident. A Shorewood caller told police that a real estate agent had been in contact about a possible real estate scam.

An unknown vehicle was reported parked outside of driveway gates in Hay Beach; it was gone a few minutes later. Police canvassed the area with negative results.

A tree was reported down on wires in Cartwright on Feb. 11. There was no loss of power or any other hazard; PSEG was notified.

In other incidents during the week: police were assigned court duty; conducted two well-being checks; taught DARE (Drug Abuse Resistance Education) classes to 5th and 6th grade students; submitted administrative reports: verified VIN (Vehicle Idenification Numbers) numbers; had lunch with students; and monitored basketball games at the school.


The Shelter Island Fire Department responded to a smoke alarm at Leon 1909 on Feb. 6. There was no emergency. A residential alarm was set off in the Center on Feb. 7. All doors and windows were secure, police said, and there were no problems.

Also on the 7th, a false alarm was reported in a kitchen at the Chequit. A plumber said that soldering had accidentally activated an alarm in the Center on the 9th. A homeowner told police that a motion alarm in Hay Beach on Feb. 11 had been a source of recurring problems.


An injured bird reported in Cartwright was found dead by the animal control officer (ACO). Sick raccoons were reported in West Neck; the ACO found only healthy raccoons at the site. Two dogs at large were retrieved by their owner prior to the ACO’s arrival.

AIDED CASES Shelter Island Emergency Medical Service teams transported three people to Eastern Long Island Hospital on Feb. 9.