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Shelter Island Training With Trent: Winter workout blues

Question from Nate B: Hello Trent, thanks for all your input. I have a question. I’ve lost my motivation this winter. How can I get into shape when it’s so cold and lonely here?

Answer: Hey, Nate, I got you! And I totally understand. You and I have a lot in common. I also know you do home workouts just like I do. When winter here on Shelter Island casts its frosty spells, summoning motivation for workouts might feel akin to coaxing a bear out of hibernation.

But don’t worry, there are ways to break the ice.

Check this out — try bundling up in your workout gear, so you’ll feel the warm embrace, turning the cold into a mere backdrop.

Then, try to construct a playlist that transforms your routine into a personal concert, the beats propelling you through each set. Also, you can connect with a virtual workout companion to turn the solitary winter landscape into a shared conquest.

Treat yourself post-exercise. It’s the equivalent of bribing yourself with a comforting reward. Go ahead and envision your living room as a sanctuary of fitness, eliminating the need to confront winter’s chill.

Picture the post-workout glow as your built-in heater and explore the acceleration of winter sports to infuse joy into your regimen.

Opt for morning sessions, conquering the cold before the world fully awakens. Close your eyes and dream of the summer beach body awaiting you. Infuse variety into your routine, like shaking a snow globe for a fresh perspective.

With these strategies, let the warmth of motivation shake the winter workout blues. Also don’t forget if you have questions, I have answers. We can meet for a private session. Just give me a ring.

If you have fitness questions for Trent, you can email him at [email protected]