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Shelter Island Reporter Photo Quiz: What is that? May 25, 2024

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Roger McKeon was the first (really?) to answer the question to our weekly photo quiz, writing, “The chalk mermaid welcoming visitors at the Sunset Beach Hotel restaurant.”

Ed Hydeman recognized the lovely work of art (see below), as did Claudia Olinkiewicz, Towny Montant, and Amanda Leonard.

(Credit: Ambrose Clancy)

The strikingly beautiful chalk rendering is by Catherine (Cat) Brigham, art teacher at Shelter Island School and an accomplished artist in several mediums.

We asked Cat about her mermaid: “She is inspired by the label of Andre Balazs rosé. I can only find photos of the chalk mermaid going back to 2017 … I’ve done the chalk boards for around 10 years. Before we did the mermaid, I had designs that varied each season. I work in chalk here, and the best trick I’ve learned along the way is to set your work with hairspray. The sea air can be a real challenge to the temporary nature of chalk. I got the gig originally from a friend and classmate who was a manager. He knew I went to art school, and said some version of, “We need this done yesterday, are you available?”

I was, and the rest is history. Each year the mermaid has become one of the first signs summer is around the corner.” Thank you, Cat, for bringing delight to everyone who happens upon your mermaid.