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01/16/19 8:00am

Councilman Paul Shepherd

Councilman Paul Shepherd leaned forward, his elbows on the table, his face covered with his hands.

He remained in that position for about two minutes as his colleague, Councilman Jim Colligan, spoke at Tuesday’s Town Board work session. (more…)

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01/09/19 2:00pm

COURTESY OF THE SHELTER ISLAND BUILDING DEPARTMENT Photo taken in November 2018 of the entrance to an unoccupied Ram Island Drive residence.

Just before Thanksgiving, the town’s Building Department sent a message to Dominic Barbara and his family about their residence: Either you fix it, or we’ll fix it. (more…)

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01/09/19 10:00am

Town Engineer John Cronin, presenting a 17-point “Pure Water Action Plan” to the Town Board at its Tuesday work session, told members that it was the first “concerted effort to start looking more carefully at water issues.” (more…)

01/01/19 8:00am


The Poles wake up to what they say is a howling of kittens. The French greet the morning with a wooden mouth and a hair ache, while the Danes get carpenters in the forehead.

English speakers the world over call that mix of mortar-blast headache, queasiness, Sahara thirst, uncertain recollections of the previous evening – I didn’t, did I? – and a brooding sense of of guilt as simply a hangover. (more…)