08/02/19 4:30pm

MARIAN ZAHRA PHOTO The sounds of Armenia filled the air at a recent gathering at the home of Rich and Marianna Tarpinian.

The tent guy was late.

And Rich and Marianna Tarpinian were really going to need a tent.

Fifty people would be arriving for the reunion, and the forecast for Saturday, July 20 was for a day hotter than the hinges of hell, with pounding sun and high humidity. (more…)

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07/15/19 4:30pm

Robert Strugats at the Air Power Museum last week.

“We’d see the searchlights ahead coming up from the ground,” Robert Strugats said on a recent visit to the Reporter’s newsroom. “We’d fly right into them.” (more…)

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07/10/19 10:00am


Barking, howling, yelping, whining — constantly — for years.

That’s what neighbors of a residence in the Center, that houses up to 14 dogs at a time, say they have been afflicted with, and they brought their case to Tuesday’s Town Board work session. (more…)