07/24/19 8:00am

James Monatgue flashing some power at the Shelter Island Cricket Match last summer at the field next to the Island Boatyard .

Almost two-and-a-half centuries after the signing of the Declaration of Independence, Shelter Island is still home to Britons. So much so that this Saturday, July 27, they’ll again be hosting the annual Shelter Island Cricket Match. (more…)

07/21/19 8:00am

A view of Taylor’s Island.

Nestled quietly in Coecles Harbor lies an Island that is one of Shelter Island’s hidden historical treasures.

Taylor’s Island (technically called a tombolo because you can walk to it at low tide) is now in the spotlight. This past Friday, local Shelter Island artists presented their work in Town Hall.


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07/16/19 2:00pm

Courtesy Image

Around the country, people and towns are transitioning — often at a glacial pace — from traditional gas-powered cars to electric models.

According to the online publication City Lab, published by the Atlantic Monthly, “less than 2 percent of the vehicles Americans buy are electric. But within the next three decades, some automotive industry experts expect electric vehicles could make up the majority of U.S. and global car sales.” (more…)

07/12/19 4:30pm

The Shelter Island Presbyterian Church cemetery.

Reading the headstones in the Shelter Island Presbyterian Church cemetery, you could be reading the Island’s phone book. (more…)