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12/28/18 8:00am

Happy and hungry cows follow temporary fence lines into a new pasture to feed on fresh, nutrient-rich grass.

Over the next several days, leading to the New Year, the Reporter will be posting our annual Year In Review series of important stories from 2018.

Agriculturally speaking, Sylvester Manor hit the bull’s eye this summer when the cows came home to beef up in order to become cash cows. Thanks to the manor’s utterly delicious grass, they became the cream of the crop. The community came out to steer the cows between pastures because the grass really is greener on the other side. (more…)

12/19/18 4:30pm

This bread recipe is easy peasy and absolutely delish.

Breaking bread may bring people together, but baking bread seems to intimidate many home chefs. 

At least, that’s the response I get from others when I make this bread. Everyone always appears stunned that I whipped up a loaf of French bread so easily and that it’s so good. But it actually is really easy, just five ingredients and five easy steps, and voila! You’ve got a delicious loaf of bread that will impress and satisfy dinner party guests or that friend coming by for a glass of wine. 


11/23/18 8:00am

Try these unique recipes for a new twist on leftovers.

For some of us, leftovers are the whole point of Thanksgiving. Is there anything better than a late-night turkey sandwich piled high with stuffing, mashed potatoes and relish? But after you’ve had a few, it’s easy to start questioning the impulse that had you toting home all those Tupperware containers. Instead of letting the last of them go uneaten, try these eight delicious and unique ideas for using up the last of the big bird — and none of them involve placing anything between two slices of bread.


11/01/18 10:00am


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