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11/25/19 2:00pm


The Town Board set Dec. 13 for public hearings on the possible acquisition of three properties to be maintained as open spaces as recommended by the Community Preservation Fund Advisory Board. (more…)

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11/25/19 8:00am


Scientists at Harvard University announced they had isolated a single gene.

Elbert Frank Cox, an African-American mathematician who was the first of his race to receive a doctorate degree in mathematics at Cornell University, died in Washington, D.C. at age 73.

“They Shoot Horses, Don’t They?” was one of the most viewed movies.

Music lovers in the United States were listening to “Come Together” by The Beatles while the most popular song in the United Kingdom was ”Sugar Sugar” by The Archies.

“My Life And Prophecies” by Jeane Dixon was one of the best selling books.

And on Shelter Island . . . (more…)