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04/15/19 4:30pm

COURTESY PHOTO Moving in for the kill.

Earlier today I made calls from Florida to my East End fishing sources.

With the exception of a report of small bass being caught in some of the creeks on the south shore and a very occasional flounder being taken, there still isn’t much going on right now.

It’s hard to believe it’s really spring in Florida, but with clear days, temps in the high 80s and stiff breezes I know it is true. Spring here is the time when all the wild animals are having babies and all the birds are on their nests. We have a hen mallard duck on a nest of eight eggs in the low bushes separating our driveway from a neighbor’s; there are bunnies running all over the place; frogs are singing love songs in our adjoining pond through the night; and alligators are enticing mates with bellowing grunts.

I haven’t seen a poisonous snake this year, but other dangers still exist. (more…)

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03/26/19 2:00pm

Our columnist with a big catfish that became live bait for an alligator.

Hello from sunny Bonita Springs, Florida where we just experienced our first rainy day in the past 45 days. We’re pleased that almost all of Florida got seriously wet yesterday with about 2 inches to soak the fire-prone Central State grasslands and forests.

On the negative side, all last summer the beaches on the West Coast of Florida were befouled by a tremendous “redtide” with its poisonous toxins that killed hundreds of thousands of fish from minnow-size to a few whales, porpoises, shorebirds and even some manatees. The rotting corpses were floating in the bays and creeks or on the sandy beaches, and the stench added to the already rank air caused by the “tide.” (more…)

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06/28/18 4:30pm
DEBBIE WEAVER PHOTO Not many fish, but our columnist and his party were happily surrounded by a group of inquisitive seals near Gardiners Island.

Our columnist and his party were happily surrounded by a group of inquisitive seals near Gardiners Island.

I am not even going to mention how lousy the fishing continues to be because it is not my fault that the weather has been so totally uncooperative for the better part of two weeks.

So there. Glad I didn’t mention it. (more…)