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Richard Lomuscio

02/20/19 4:30pm

Which is your go-to fork, North or South?

As a Shelter Islander, do you tend to identify with the North Fork or the South Fork?


02/14/19 4:30pm

One possible origin of Valentine’s Day says Saint Valentine was a Roman priest who married soldiers and their wives in secret.

So today is Valentine’s Day. A day that our culture has told us is about love and hearts and Cupid and chocolates and other gifts for those we love.


02/08/19 8:00am

The Senior Center celebrated the Super Bowl with a party.

The Senior Center hosted a Super Bowl party last Sunday. Numerous snacks and good food were prepared by Giovanna Ketcham and her staff.

She started by passing around various vegetables with a creamy dip. These were followed by delightful deviled eggs and cheddar and apple slices. There was chili made with turkey and beef and plenty of beans. Twice-baked potatoes were an added treat. Different kinds of cupcakes were served for dessert.


01/26/19 8:00am

The Senior Center got a visit from students.

The average age of visitors to the Senior Center dropped to about 20 when you factor in the 17 elementary school students from Hayground School in Bridgehampton who came to gather research for their “invention” project.