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07/03/17 10:00am

Old, open book with a damaged cover.


The Beatles released “All You Need Is Love” while the Doors’ “Light My Fire” climbed to the top of the pop charts.

Five weeks after Biafra broke away from Nigeria, the Nigerian Civil War broke out with the stronger Nigerian forces finally forcing the Biafrans to capitualte. Both sides saw massive loss of life and Nigeria sustained a heavy hit to its image as pictures of starving Biafrans were shown around the world.

Tennis legend Billie Jean King won Wimbledon beating Ann Jones of Britain while John Newcombe of Australia took the men’s title that year, beating Wilhelm Bungert of West Germany

“Funny Girl,”  which had opened at the Winter Garden Theater in New York City with Barbra Streisand in the title role, closed after 1,348 performances.

And on Shelter Island . . .