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12/05/18 10:00am


When is a swimming pool and a house next to it too big?

That question dominated a discussion at Tuesday’s Town Board work session when members debated whether size matters when it comes to development on large lots.

The direct issue involves a proposal to place a 75- by 22-foot swimming pool on a 3 acre site with a nine-bedroom house and multiple bathrooms. (more…)

11/10/18 8:00am

COURTESY ILLUSTRATION Budget negotiations have wrapped at Town Hall.

It has been an interesting budget season, watching a newly constituted Town Board tackle the agonizing process of giving with one hand and having to take with the other, balancing the needs of the town with taxpayers’ ability to foot the bill.

No one likes paying taxes. And politicians who have to impose spending plans know that their public careers are at risk if the public thinks anything but the most necessary expenditures are in proposed budgets. (more…)

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11/02/18 8:00am

Reel Point

Just days after the United States Army Corps of Engineers representatives visited Reel Point to observe previous damage, last weekend’s nor’easter flattened and ruined natural barriers that had been put in place prior to the storm. (more…)

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10/25/18 2:00pm

Deputy Supervisor Amber Brach-Williams, left, and Town Clerk Dorothy Ogar at Tuesday’s budget meeting.

The Town Board adopted a preliminary $12.9 million budget Tuesday that would raise spending by 5.3 percent for 2019. But before final adoption takes place, there will be a public hearing on the proposal on Wednesday, November 7, at 1 p.m. (more…)

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10/03/18 8:00am


It’s budget season and the Community Housing Board is convinced it needs more than the $3,844 that was allocated for the current year, as it ramps up activities for the creation of affordable housing on the Island. (more…)