12/08/18 3:00pm

CHARITY ROBEY PHOTO Richard Surozenski, left, and Bill Cummings erected the floating Chase Creek Christmas tree.

Why did Richard Surozenski and Bill Cummings spend the better part of last Saturday in a yellow rowboat, hauling a fully-decorated Christmas tree to the middle of Chase Creek? (more…)

05/18/18 4:30pm
CHAIRYT ROBEY PHOTO A bluebird nest with three eggs.

CHARITY ROBEY PHOTO A bluebird nest with three eggs.

Twice this spring I’ve sprayed myself with Deep Woods Off, tucked my pants into my socks and with fellow volunteers climbed into the cab of a pickup that smelled like wildlife and looked like the Recycling Center’s paper bin, to check on the Island’s bluebird population. (more…)

03/10/17 4:16pm
REPORTER FILE PHOTO Eagle have been spotted in Mashomack.

REPORTER FILE PHOTO This bald eagle was spotted in Mashomack.

In the quietest moment of every Shelter Island winter, Mashomack Preserve allows about 20 people to explore the windswept beach, old farm fields and briar-choked forest of the Katherine Ordway Wildlife Refuge. This year, I got to go along, as happy as if I’d scored tickets to “Hamilton.” The music — mainly birdsong — was just as good. (more…)