07/24/19 2:00pm

Spreading its wings for the crowd under the tent at the Shelter Island Library is a great horned owl.

A program took flight last week under the tent at the Shelter Island Library as an expert from the Quogue Wildlife Refuge brought birds of prey here. Despite soaring temperatures, children, parents and grandparents were delighted.


06/06/19 8:00am

Sculptor Mary Anne Moy and her African parrots Ito and Faust.

As I sat soaking up the sun last week at Shell Beach, I heard some rustling around the wrapping on my sandwich. Some small pooch was trying to have a snack. Before I could complain, the dog’s owner came by and apologized. I rose from my beach chair and noticed that she was camped out some 100 feet from me with two parrots.


05/09/19 2:00pm

Kids in grades K to 5 can be a sous chef for a day at the Shelter Island Youth Center on Friday, May 10.

Activities and events on Shelter Island.


07/28/12 8:00pm

Female ruby-throated hummingbird on its Shelter Island feeding tour.

Shelter Island birder and photographer Don Bindler of Silver Beach sent in this photo of a female hummingbird feeding in a Silver Beach garden.

He said the males already seem to have headed south on their migration back to Central America, leaving the females to raise their young. This bird appears like clockwork at specific times each day, Mr. Bindler said.