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08/30/19 4:30pm

Gerry and Roni Siller on the front porch of their Shelter Island home.

Gerry Siller was in high school when he decided to apply for a job at a new restaurant near home in Massapequa. He’d worked at his father’s deli in Bellmore, so knew how to make a sandwich, and when the hiring manager came out to see if anyone in the around-the-block line of applicants was a short-order cook, Gerry raised his hand. He was hired, and just before his first day on the job, a friend told him the secret of success for any job: “Just have a rag in your hand and always be cleaning things.” (more…)

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06/22/19 8:00am

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Work together
To the Editor:
It is incumbent on the supervisor and the Town Board to ensure the economic viability of our community. For a business to thrive on Shelter Island, it must overcome numerous obstacles out of its control; including competition from neighboring towns and the weather. I have met with several small business owners and they are extremely nervous, bordering on the pessimistic regarding their future. Long Island tourism is a nearly $6 billion industry and we must continually find ways to tap into that and compete. (more…)

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02/27/19 8:00am


The Shelter Island political season got off to an early start — eight months before Election Day — with the Shelter Island Democratic Committee announcing its 2019 slate of candidates for supervisor, Town Board members, and highway superintendent. (more…)