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02/27/19 8:00am


The Shelter Island political season got off to an early start — eight months before Election Day — with the Shelter Island Democratic Committee announcing its 2019 slate of candidates for supervisor, Town Board members, and highway superintendent. (more…)

02/01/19 4:30pm

At a recent Town Board meeting, a draft of Shelter Island’s Mission Statement was discussed, and since the goals of clean water, responsible growth, maintenance and safety are hard to argue with, the board soon reached what Supervisor Gary Gerth called “a Kumbaya moment.”

A mission is something you intend to do, and a good mission statement guides the enterprise like a border collie bringing an unruly flock of sheep home. Many organizations have them, and too often they are a vaguely worded, forgettable series of sentences, written by committee, and subsequently forgotten. (more…)

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01/24/19 4:30pm

Brian Sherman will become the new highway superintendent on April 1. He’s seen here in a 2011 photo introducing a plan to the Town Board for a Recycling Center roof. He currently is crew leader at the Recycling Center.

Brian Sherman has been selected as the town’s new Highway Superintendent, replacing Jay Card Jr., who will leave his post March 31. (more…)