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09/10/19 10:00am


The Toronto Rock and Roll Revival attracted an audience of approximately 20,000 to watch 20 performers including Chicago, Alice Cooper, Chuck Berry, Jerry Lee Lewis, Gene Vincent, Little Richard, Doug Kershaw and The Doors and John Lennon, Yoko Ono and The Plastic Ono Band at Varsity Stadium of the University of Toronto in Ontario, Canada.

Controversial American author James Frey was born in Cleveland. He admitted to Oprah Winfrey that he had lied to her earlier when he claimed “The Smoking Gun” had been accurate when he had spent a few hours in jail rather than the 87 days as his book had said.

“Scooby Doo Where Are You” debuted in the United States on CBS Television.

American filmmaker, author and songwriter Tyler Perry was born in New Orleans.

“Bob & Carol & Ted & Alice,” starring Natalie Wood, Robert Culp, Elliott Gould and Dyan Cannon and directed by Paul Mazursky was released.

And on Shelter Island . . . (more…)

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08/14/19 8:00am

Community Preservation Fund Advisory Board Chairman Gordon Gooding.

While the Community Preservation Fund Advisory Board is charged with recommending land acquisitions to the Town Board for purchase with money from a 2% tax paid by property buyers, members agreed on Monday morning that they would like to have a say about water use. (more…)

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06/05/19 10:00am

Former Dering Harbor Mayor Tim Hogue.

A former mayor of the Village of Dering Harbor sought Town Board intervention at Tuesday’s work session on issues involving the mooring field in Dering Harbor and parking at the Mildred Flower Hird Preserve. (more…)

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03/08/19 10:00am


Data needed
To the Editor:
Support for affordable housing in our community is growing. At the same time, a counter-current for conversion of rentable residences to lucrative short term rentals (STR) is underway. This is difficult to reconcile. (more…)

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02/12/19 10:00am

View from Vincent Novak’s house overlooking Fresh Pond.

It looks like a plan by the town to acquire property on Fresh Pond owned by Vincent Novak is slipping away.

“I’m not going to wait forever,” Mr. Novak said, he said Monday, noting that he was never consulted about a plan for the Peconic Land Trust (PLT) to raise money to help the town purchase the property. Even if he had been consulted, “I wasn’t thrilled about it,” he added. (more…)