12/19/18 4:30pm

This bread recipe is easy peasy and absolutely delish.

Breaking bread may bring people together, but baking bread seems to intimidate many home chefs. 

At least, that’s the response I get from others when I make this bread. Everyone always appears stunned that I whipped up a loaf of French bread so easily and that it’s so good. But it actually is really easy, just five ingredients and five easy steps, and voila! You’ve got a delicious loaf of bread that will impress and satisfy dinner party guests or that friend coming by for a glass of wine. 


08/16/18 4:30pm
CHARITY ROBEY PHOTO Sweet corn is here, and you know what to do

Sweet corn ice cream.

Sweet corn is here, and you know what to do.

The best sweet corn of the season is coming in now.  This is stuff you can eat raw, a practice I observed at Sep’s farm stand when one employee was so overcome by the creamy beauty of the ears she was selling, that she shucked an ear and ate it one-handed, while making change with the other hand.