02/15/12 9:00pm


Shelter Island Cub Scouts competed Saturday, February 4 in their annual Space Derby, held in the Shelter Island School gym. Front row, from the left: Bazzy Quigley-Dunning, Elijah Davidson, Pacey Cronin and Emmett Cummings; second row: Nicholas Labrozzi, Keith Taplin, Daniel Schultheis, Brandon Velasquez, Jason Green and Paul Murphy; back row ‘Derby officials’: Kate Davidson, Debra Schack, Rob Schack, Mike Dunning, Vinette Olinkiewicz, James Cummings, Michael McNemar and Jen Rylott.

02/15/11 5:42pm


Three dozen members of Cub Scout Pack 56 raced hand-crafted spaceships along 40 feet of monofilament in the school gym on Saturday, February 5 —propelled by rubber bands — in the first Space Derby of its kind on the Island. Jerry Mundy and Alan Krauss were two of the judges, awarding first, second and third place to Tyler Gulluscio, Kal Lewis and Wesley Congdon respectively.