02/16/18 10:00am
JULIE LANE PHOTOS Illegally cut trees off Menhaden Lane.

JULIE LANE PHOTOS Illegally cut trees off Menhaden Lane.

Almost a month ago, resident Jean Lawless notified the community of a crime committed against all Shelter Islanders. Since then there has been no word on the progress of the investigation, only a few words from Supervisor Gary Gerth that he hoped restitution would be made. (more…)

12/02/11 12:00pm

The results in the Town Board race posted online last week by the Board of Elections include four absentee votes for Dan Fokine that were not reported before last week’s edition went to press.

The votes, against which objections had bee0n filed but were eventually withdrawn, put Mr. Fokine in third place in the five-way race for two seats on the Town Board, just ahead of Republican Will Anderson by two votes, 543 to 541. Last week, it appeared Mr. Fokine, who ran on the Democratic and the Independence lines, trailed Mr. Anderson by two votes.

Mr. Fokine commented on Monday that he had not been aware of the extra votes. “Nothing changes so I don’t care one way or the other,” he said. The race was won by Republican incumbent Peter Reich and independent Paul Shepherd with 709 and 585 votes.

A Board of Elections official said the results were not yet certified.