09/09/19 10:00am

Our columnist, with what he described as a ‘pretty’ false albacore.

We’ve rounded the last turn and are heading down the home stretch toward the last weeks of local fishing for the year.

Historically, the fall has been the best time to get out on the water and chase a variety of fish that have, under normal conditions, always come our way as the waters cooled. The bluefish and striped bass, which usually show up over the summer, were a huge disappointment to almost all of us from Shelter Island, with “catch counts” at all time lows and the fish caught generally paltry in size.

Featured Story
08/30/19 4:30pm

Gerry and Roni Siller on the front porch of their Shelter Island home.

Gerry Siller was in high school when he decided to apply for a job at a new restaurant near home in Massapequa. He’d worked at his father’s deli in Bellmore, so knew how to make a sandwich, and when the hiring manager came out to see if anyone in the around-the-block line of applicants was a short-order cook, Gerry raised his hand. He was hired, and just before his first day on the job, a friend told him the secret of success for any job: “Just have a rag in your hand and always be cleaning things.” (more…)