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05/13/19 12:00pm


Barbra Streisand was honored at a Friars Club tribute in New York City.

The Soviets launched Venera 5, a space probe that landed on Venus and sent back atmospheric data

Actress Tracey Gold, who portrayed Carol on “Growing Pains,” was born in New York City.

The Who’s Peter Townsend and Roger Daltry were on the run from the New York City Police Department. They were accused of kicking an officer off stage in what turned out to be an attempt to clear out Fillmore East because there was a fire in an adjacent building.

Actor David Boreanaz, who performed in “Angel,” “Married with Children,” “Buffy the Vampire Slayer” and more recently in “Bones” and “Seal Team” was born in Buffalo, New York.

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03/05/18 8:00am

Old, open book with a damaged cover.50 YEARS AGO IN HISTORY

Bill Graham opened Fillmore East in New York City, with it rapidly becoming known as the Church of Rock & Roll where such stars as John Lennon and Yoko Ono, Jimi Hendrix, the Grateful Dead and the Allman Brothers performed.

President Lyndon Baines Johnson narrowly defeated Senator Eugene McCarthy in the New Hampshire Democratic Primary, signaling the unrest in the country over the Vietnam War and what would turn out to be an indication to President Johnson that it was time to consider withdrawing from the political scuffle that would ensue.

Actress Juanita Hall, best known for her role on the Broadway stage as Bloody Mary in the Rodgers and Hammerstein production of “South Pacific, “died in East Islip at age 66 from complications of diabetes.

Life magazine featured “The Negro and the Cities” on its cover in what would turn out to be just a month before  Reverend Martin Luther King Jr. was assassinated in Memphis, Tennessee, and three months before Senator Robert F. Kennedy was assassinated in Los Angeles on the night he won the California Democratic Primary.

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