03/25/19 4:30pm

Mentor and former teacher Frank Emmett works with a student on his initial essay.

They burst through the door with the expectation that circus performers had been entertaining within the room. Instead, it was the initial day of the spring 2019 2Rs4Fun program — the 10-year-old program at the Shelter Island Library that encourages 3rd and 4th graders to write. (more…)

03/11/19 2:00pm

COURTESY PHOTO Second graders who have been learning about community changes hear from former teacher Frank Emmett about how their own town developed.

Once a teacher, always a teacher.

Frank Emmett was back in the classroom last week — not as an elementary school teacher as he had been until his retirement in 2015, but as an historian. (more…)

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01/14/19 10:00am


The human element
To the Editor:
In reading the article in last week’s Reporter (“Island mostly unaffected by fed shutdown – so far”), I noted a critical absence of any reference to the degree to which the Island’s residents have been and will likely be impacted.

Shelter Island is not just infrastructure and services — indeed, several important stakeholders comprise the fabric of our town, and to suggest that the “Island [is] mostly unaffected” is misleading in its omission of the human element. (more…)

11/28/17 12:00pm
REPORTER FILE PHOTO Long-time writing mentor Roger McKeon with former participant Johanna Kaasik.

Long-time writing mentor Roger McKeon with former participant Johanna Kaasik.

Mary Dwyer believes children are born unfettered by restrictions on what they can achieve.

That’s why Ms. Dwyer wants to bring them into the “2Rs4Fun” program before anyone can impose limits on them.

After 25 years of teaching elementary school, mostly in the East Williston School District, Ms. Dwyer retired to Shelter Island and launched the program designed to inspire young students to read, write and stretch their imaginations. Starting in the fall of 2008, she motivated a group of adult mentors to latch onto her vision and work one-on-one with 3rd and 4th grade students at the Shelter Island Library. (more…)