07/12/19 8:00am

A weekly roundup of all things fun and friendly for kids.

It’s happy hour for kids! Mashomack Preserve’s happy hour takes place on Friday, July 12, at 4 p.m. It’s especially for wee ones and their parents/grandparents. Join the Preserve for an hour’s walk into the woods and enjoy the benefits of spending time in the quiet surrounds of nature. Bring or borrow a stroller or backpack. (631) 749-1001.


07/11/19 8:00am

Proud dog owners during the pet parade that took place during the annual Blessing of the Pets ceremony at Our Lady of the Isle Church on July 7.

On the sweltering morning of July 7, approximately 30 dogs — 9 small dogs and 18 big dogs — and their human companions, plus one reporter, gathered in a shady park across the street from Our Lady of the Isle Church for the annual “Blessing of the Pets” ceremony.


07/05/19 2:00pm

The colorful Aviation cocktail at SALT.

After a summer that took a while to launch, with a cold, rainy spring that overstayed its welcome, we have reached the 4th of July week, when weekends stretch into weeks of vacation time and relaxation begins to sink in. What better way to segue from a sunny beach day to a soft summer evening than a visit to one of our local establishments to wind down? We live in a resort town, after all, so why not savor their best hospitality? Pull up a barstool for yourself, and one for a friend. Feeling like you have all the time in the world, let an expert prepare you a libation that takes some careful curating – or shaking, or stirring.


06/27/19 4:30pm

Members of Team Carey at the 5K start. From left, Ali, Max, Lauren, Beth, Georgia, Kathryn, Marianne, Susan.

The Carey clan, originally 14 children who grew up spending summers in Shelter Island, has sprouted children and grandchildren in abundance. For the 40th anniversary of the 10K, it would be only natural that we’d field a multi-generational team of runners and walkers. Involving us in any event requires an understanding of the Law of Large Numbers. Or Murphy’s Law.