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11/11/19 10:00am


Apollo 12, the second manned moon landing, was launched with lunar module pilot Alan Bean, Charles “Pete” Conrad Jr. and Richard Gordon Jr. aboard.

The first Jackson Five record, “I Want You Back,” became the group’s first to enter the top 100.

British television aired the first commercial advertisement and the product was Birds Eye peas.

An estimated 2 million protestors, including 500,000 in Washington D.C., demonstrated throughout the United States demanding an end to the Vietnam War.

Wendy’s Hamburgers, founded by Dave Thomas opened in Columbus, Ohio.

And on Shelter Island . . . (more…)

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11/05/19 10:00am

Candidates for supervisor and Town Board seats. Front row, from left, Marcus Kaasik, Supervisor Gary Gerth and Mike Bebon. Back row, from left, Councilman Paul Shepherd, Councilman Jim Colligan, Gerry Siller and Julia Romanchuk Weisenberg.

Gary Gerth for supervisor
Two fine public servants are vying for the job of supervisor on Tuesday.

Democrat Gerry Siller, a local businessman, former town supervisor and former member of the School Board, is dedicated to making the Island a better place.

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10/02/19 12:00pm


Seven candidates — two seeking the supervisor’s seat and five vying for two seats on the Town Board — will take the stage Sunday at the Shelter Island School auditorium for the traditional League of Women Voters of Shelter Island Candidates Forum. (more…)

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09/04/19 12:00pm

One of the six affordable houses the town built on Bowditch Road in the mid-1990s

Supervisor Gary Gerth said he’s working with the Town Board on affordable housing.

In addition to the four-unit housing complex the Community Housing Board has proposed, Mr. Gerth and the board have met with Dan Calabro who is in discussions to sell land to a developer for as many as 30 affordable units at no cost to the town. Mr. Gerth said he’s referred that effort to the Community Housing Board. (more…)

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05/29/19 4:30pm

AMBROSE CLANCY PHOTO Town Engineer John Cronin.

John Cronin’s boat went into the water early this year. He wanted to be sure it was ready for his targeted retirement date of June 28. The boat will be ready, but that doesn’t mean Mr. Cronin will be setting sail as frequently this summer as he had planned. (more…)