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06/24/19 12:00pm


An update on the Town Engineer’s initiatives and an Island water quality and quantity update were some of the subjects discussed at the Water Advisory Committee’s meeting on June 17. (more…)

09/03/13 3:09pm

AMBROSE CLANCY PHOTO | The Town Board at its Tuesday work session. From left, Town Attorney Laury Dowd, Councilwoman Chris Lewis, Councilman Paul Shepherd, Supervisor Jim Dougherty and Councilman Ed Brown. Councilman Peter Reich was absent.

The Town Board has formed a committee to study a local law to ban inground sprinkler systems.

Forming the committee was a result of a moratorium imposed by the board rather than allowing a law passed in 2003 to take effect September 1. That law would have banned all new irrigation systems or the use of ones already installed.

A member of the South Ferry Hills Association, attorney Thom Milton, will chair the committee, which includes Water Advisory Committee Chairman John Hallman, Fred Hyatt, Mark Mobius, WAC member Walter Richards, Mary Wilson and Lion Zust.

Councilman Paul Shepherd will be the board’s liaison to the new committee.

In addition, after the Town Board’s Tuesday work session, the board met in executive session to separately interview three consultants on the irrigation law.

Gary Loesch, executive vice president of H2M, a Melville engineering company, was scheduled to be interviewed, followed by Paul Grosser of Bohemia’s environmental consultancy P.W. Grosser, and Bruce Peterson of Southampton’s Bruce Peterson Irrigation.