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08/07/19 2:00pm

Flowers grow alongside a nitrogen-reducing septic system on a Midway Road property.

With the issue Shelter Islanders have with nitrogen in their drinking water — especially those in the Center —Town Engineer John Cronin said he’s focusing on how to overcome a problem that seems overwhelming. (more…)

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03/19/19 4:30pm

Last summer flowers grew beside the nitrogen-reducing septic system on Susan Cincotta’s Midway Road property.

Town Engineer John Cronin’s call for action sounded— again — to the Town Board to address septic issues affecting water, particularly in the Center. (more…)

02/17/19 3:00pm


Two former town councilmen have weighed in on the Town Board’s efforts to confront a crisis. Ed Brown, in an appearance before the Town Board two weeks ago, and Peter Reich, in a letter to the editor this week, are questioning the plans to upgrade the Island’s septic systems to state-of-the art, nitrogen-reducing structures.