12/06/19 10:00am

Shelter Island School’s eighth-grade class, the class of 2024, went to Florida with the Reporter from Nov. 4 through 8. While they were there, they participated in the Disney Youth Education Series entitled the Science of Disney Imagineering.

The Reporter has racked up its frequent flier miles this year as so many of our readers love to take it with them when they travel. If you’re hitting the road (or the sky) over the holidays, don’t forget to bring a copy with you and send it to us. 


03/06/19 4:30pm

Paul Larsen at the FIT Center with his daughter, Linda McCarthy.

After the atom bombs were dropped on Japan during World War II, Paul Larsen flew photographers over Hiroshima and Nagasaki to capture the devastation on film.

“The cities were pulverized,” he said.


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05/18/15 8:00am
CHARITY ROBEY PHOTO Charles Olton and Poppy at home in Hay Beach.

Charles Olton and Poppy at home in Hay Beach.

From Charles and Barbara Olton’s house on the northern tip of Shelter Island, the sweeping view takes in Gardiners Bay to Orient. But when Charles gazes out, he also sees across several centuries.

The 18th century, to be exact, when the British fleet en route to attack New York in 1776, lay becalmed off Hay Beach Point, keeping their horses alive with hay harvested just below his living room windows. (more…)