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05/07/18 8:00am

Old, open book with a damaged cover.


Jim Morrison of The Doors incited a riot at the Chicago Coliseum during a performance in which 4,000 audience members ended up battling with police while he hid backstage.

A little more than a month after Reverend Martin Luther King Jr. was assassinated, Reverend Ralph Abernathy led a March of the Poor to Washington, D.C. where some 50,000 people camped out in tents and wooden houses that became known as Resurrection City on the Mall to demand the government pay attention to the need for jobs, healthcare and decent homes.

American skateboarder Tony Hawk was born in Carlsbad, California.

“Little Orphan Annie” cartoonist Harold Gray died in La Jolla, California, at age 74.

Actor Paul Newman appeared on the cover of “Life” magazine with an accompanying story about how Hollywood stars were becoming political activists.

And on Shelter Island . . . (more…)

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01/15/16 4:30pm
CHARITY ROBEY PHOTO | ‘Shelter Island,’ Lily Brett said, ‘has given me another life.’

CHARITY ROBEY PHOTO | ‘Shelter Island,’ Lily Brett said, ‘has given me another life.’

Lily Brett is a rock journalist, essayist, author of seven novels with an international reputation and nothing in her background to prepare for life outside a city, let alone on a rural island.

Born in a German displaced persons camp in 1946, her parents were survivors of the Holocaust. When Lily was 2 years old, her family of three  — all that remained of a once large and wealthy Polish family — emigrated to Australia. (more…)

07/04/14 12:00pm


We all have those moments when we see signs of the End of Civilization.

But correcting myself at the outset, not all of us — it’s only people of a certain age who see signs and portents of the E of C. For the most part, young people don’t care, which proves again that wisdom doesn’t come with age.

Nevertheless, on the anniversary of the day we decided to break from British civilization, disturbing signs are everywhere that the barbarians are not just at the gates, but are manning the tollbooths. (more…)