03/27/15 4:30pm


Monday, March 16: Wake from a dream. Stopped at a light. Young guy approaching the passenger side window. I notice it’s my old high school buddy, John Fitzgerald, killed at Khe Sanh, long ago.

“Venom?” Fitz asks.


“Do you have venom to sell?”

“No,” I say. (more…)

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02/19/15 12:00pm
Dr. Vincent DiGregorio

Dr. Vincent DiGregorio

Vincent DiGregorio
Vincent DiGregorio, M.D., passed away peacefully on Monday, February 9, 2015, while on a sailing trip in the British Virgin Islands. His wife, Jennifer Ruys, was by his side. He was a loyal husband to Jennifer and a devoted father to Nicole, and although he came to have a family late in his life, he embraced it fully with love and compassion, a friend said.