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They were the poorest of the poor, starving, whole families running for their lives, crossing an ocean, trying to escape a catastrophe that eventually killed more than a million souls. Two million made it out alive to waiting ships, but then many died on the journey to a find a safe harbor.

Overall, they were reviled when they landed as not quite human, described by one observer as “brutal, base … creatures that crawl and eat dirt and poison every community they infest.” (more…)

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MATTHEW BRADY PHOTO |  The contributor in 1871.

MATTHEW BRADY PHOTO | The contributor in 1871.


When I was a boy my uncle and his big boys hunted with the rifle, the youngest boy Fred and I with a shotgun — a small single-barrelled shotgun that was properly suited to our size and strength; it was not much heavier than a broom. (more…)