06/09/19 11:00am


The Cuban Revolution caused Jesus Garcia to flee Cuba to the United States. His son, Jesse Garcia, raised in Suffolk County and having spent his life here, was just elected chairman of one of the historically powerful political organizations in the U.S., the Suffolk Republican Party. (more…)

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07/02/15 8:00am
CHARITY ROBEY PHOTO John Riccobono and his ‘lucky bills’ at the corner table in Bella Vita.

John Riccobono carries $13 for good luck, a 1976 $2 bill from his mother, a 1959 $10 bill and a 1935 $1 silver certificate ‘that someone gave me as a tip one day.’

When John Riccobono was a child, he learned the best way to judge a pizzeria is with a plain slice.

“It’s called the bend test,” he said. “Make an indent with your finger in the crust and fold it. It’s not supposed to droop down.” The bend test, according to John, reveals at once whether the slice has the right amount of sauce and cheese and the quality of the crust.

Now a 23-year-old manager and owner with his parents of Bella Vita Pizzeria on North Ferry Road, John’s education is one part culinary school, two parts Old School. (more…)

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02/11/14 11:36am
REPORTER FILE PHOTO | Highghway Superintendent Jay Card. Jr.has laid out a plan to self-haul municipal solid waste to the Town Board.

Highway Superintendent Jay Card. Jr.has laid out a plan to the Town board on self-hauling municipal solid waste.

If you want to save money and get things right, don’t depend on others but do it yourself.

That homespun wisdom is Highway Superintendent Jay Card Jr.’s idea to stop the financial bleeding in his department and the overall town budget now and for the future. (more…)