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10/02/19 4:30pm

Menhaden passes under the Sagamore Bridge on the Cape Cod Canal on its way to Shelter Island.

Daylight dimmed in the west, as the lights of the North Ferry Company’s newest boat, Menhaden, appeared in the east on Sept. 25, steaming past Bug Light. (more…)

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06/04/19 2:00pm

Catch enough bluefish like this one, our columnist says, and you’ll need some help getting out of the boat.

I couldn’t get my boat out for at least a week due to waves that kept insisting on coming over the gunwales.

On May 30, I finally caught a flat, calm day and headed out at noon for a quick hour’s fishing. I finally got back at 3:30 and damn near needed help getting up the boarding ladder to my dock since I was so tired from battling large fish on light tackle. (more…)

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05/07/18 4:30pm
COURTEY PHOTO A tarpon shadows our columnist’s boat.

COURTESY PHOTO A tarpon shadows our columnist’s boat.

Fish On has just returned from Florida where we enjoyed the best winter weather in years. And the worst fishing.

Hurricane Irma did a job on the southwest coast causing incredible damage in every direction in the Ft. Myers and Naples areas. The damage done to the rivers, bays and nearshore in the Gulf of Mexico was not as easy to see. Thousands of mangrove trees were uprooted and floated into deeper water causing obstructions.

The water in the bays and inlets was the color of cafe au lait so fishing was restricted to blind casting ”where they used to be.” (more…)

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02/10/16 2:00pm
PAUL SQUIRE PHOTO Dead fish in the thousands have washed up on local shores.

PAUL SQUIRE PHOTO Dead fish in the thousands have washed up on local shores.


An official study of last summer’s fish kills in the Peconic River, which were attributed to a variety of factors, confirmed that the biggest culprit was nitrogen-fed algal blooms, according to the state Department of Environmental  Conservation. (more…)