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09/03/19 4:30pm

On Monday, September 2, the Shelter Island boys and girls cross country teams participated in the Great Bonac Footrace in Springs. The team had two of the top three finishers in the 5K race. Senior Kal Lewis took first place and junior Tyler Gulluscio took third. From left, 8th grader Kaitlyn Gulluscio (DNF), sophomore Pacey Cronin (20:05), sophomore Michael Hand (25:00), junior Nick Mamisashvili (20:56), senior Kal Lewis (16:24), junior Theo Olinkiewicz (20:40), junior Jason Green (22:33), 7th grader Jaxson Rylott (25:16), and junior Tyler Gulluscio (18:43) with little sister Brookelyn.