09/06/19 8:00am

Mr. Lomuscio explores the secrets behind living for a century.

We tend to think of end-of-life issues when we plan for our retirement. Will I have enough cash to last me until the end? Will I have enough to take care of me in my dotage? Will I need to move from my house?


06/30/19 11:00am

It’s an all-in-the-family operation at Arcadia Wealth Management, where Shelter Islanders Walter Wisniewski and his daughter Allison Vanaski guide their clients to achieve financial stability, explaining methods in their recently published book, ‘The Millionaire Within.’

The father-daughter financial counseling team of Walter Wisniewski and Allison Vanaski have learned a lot over their years working together. In their new book, “The Millionaire Within,” they share many strategies for handling money, but in an interview with the Reporter, they said they’ve also learned quite a bit themselves from dealing with clients.