02/03/19 11:00am


Record heat waves followed by extreme storms, biblical rainfalls driven by destructive winds, sea levels rising several feet by the end of the century, Wades and Crescent beaches gone, marshes and creeks only memories, infrastructure collapsing, freshwater wells salted out and surrounding bays flooded with poisons.

Not a dystopian movie treatment, but predictions from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration from four years ago. (more…)

10/18/18 12:00pm

Last week, buried inside a report released by the Trump administration, a startling prediction about climate change was made public. If nothing is done to put the brakes on rising temperatures, our planet could warm a staggering seven degrees Fahrenheit by 2100. That’s 82 years from now, easily within the lifetimes of current newborns and young children. (more…)

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07/17/18 8:00am
Courtsey Photo

Courtesy Photo

The Suffolk County Department of Health Services has declared parts of Fresh Pond unsuitable for swimming.

Samples taken recently from the pond and sent to the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation (DEC) for analysis have revealed the presence of cyanobacteria, or blue-green algae blooms. (more…)

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07/26/17 10:00am
AMBROSE CLANCY PHOTO A sign posted at the town landing off Lake Drive.

AMBROSE CLANCY PHOTO A sign posted at the town landing off Lake Drive.

Preliminary laboratory results have been received by the town from samples taken last week at Fresh Pond, and one finding, according to Town Engineer John Cronin, is “a problem.” (more…)