05/17/19 10:00am

Bill Geist’s latest work is a memoir of his teenage years working in a family-owned resort at Lake of the Ozarks in Missouri.

Viewers of “CBS: Sunday Morning” over the last three decades, and readers of the New York Times before that, have come to know Bill Geist as an entertaining observer of idiosyncratic people and customs all across America. His latest work is a memoir of his teenage years working in a family-owned resort at Lake of the Ozarks in Missouri. 


05/15/19 4:30pm

Is happiness the fountain of youth? Pamela Popsil’s daughter Robin believes that her mother reached 101 by always being a “happy person.”

I spent some time last week speaking with Robin Anderson about her 101-year-old mother who lives in Hilo Shores.


03/13/19 4:30pm

Sara Mundy has been named assistant to Laurie Fanelli, director of Senior Services at the Senior Center, and started her new post last week.

It won’t be long before the Shelter Island Senior Center has an online presence — thanks to Laurie Fanelli’s new assistant. Sara Mundy has been named Assistant to the Director of Senior Services and started her new post last week.


02/09/19 11:00am

‘Canoeing Through Black Gold’ by Janet Culbertson, mixed media, 18” x 24.”

Island artist Janet Culbertson is part of a group show called “Metamorphosis: Changing Climate” at Hearst Galleries in New York City. Her piece, “Canoeing Through Black Gold” is one of many environmental works in the show.

Hearst Galleries is located at 300 West 57th Street.

For more information email [email protected] or visit janetculbertson.com.

01/04/19 10:00am

From left to right: Jen Lupo, Joseph Lupo, Madigan Teodoru, Madison Springer, Amelia Clark, Angelina Rice, Alex Burns, Henry Lowell-Liszanckie, Andrea Napoles, Margaret Schultheis, Elijah Davidson, Mary Gennari, Ben Waife, Luca Martinez, Bazzy Quigley-Dunning and Hayden Rylott.

Thanks to a generous grant from the Shelter Island Educational Foundation (SIEF), Shelter Island School’s 8th grade (and a few upper classmen) attended the Nutcracker Ballet in New York City on Wednesday, December 19. 

Below are some of the letters students wrote to the SIEF in thanks on December 20 in English class.