06/11/18 7:00pm

Hi, I’m Pepe Martinez. I’m the owner of Stars Café on Shelter Island. We’ve been here since 2005.

I was doing coffee deliveries here since 1995 to this same place. In early 2005, this was offered to my by the last owner and I didn’t want it. When they left, the owner of the building called me and asked if I wanted to run the business and I said no. He said all I had to do was come in and start working, and I said okay, and we’ve been here since. READ

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02/14/18 8:00am


What does it mean to live on an island when you are part of a couple? A honeymoon vacation that never ends?

Or a life of exile cut off from friends and family?

On the occasion of Valentine’s Day, we asked a variety of Islanders in committed relationships to tell us what living here means to a long-term romantic relationship. (more…)

08/10/17 4:30pm


One morning in April, Pepe Martinez, co-owner of STARS Café in the Heights, was sworn in as an American citizen along with 152 other people from 38 countries in the federal courthouse in Central Islip (“All American,” April 13).

Officiating at the ceremony was United States District Court Judge Joseph Bianco.

After those to be naturalized took the Oath Of Allegiance to the United States, Judge Bianco spoke about the promise of America, telling a story about his grandfather, who arrived as a young man from Italy in the 1920s, “with nothing, nothing, and becoming an American, and living an American life. What would he say, if when he arrived, he would be told his grandson would be a federal judge?” (more…)

06/20/17 9:50am

If the late afternoon forecast for Saturday, June 17 called for rain starting at 5 p.m., just a half hour before race time, the weatherman proved wrong.

But many of the nearly 2,000 participants in the 38th annual Shelter Island 10K/5K Run/Walk, might have welcomed a deluge as they came off the course dripping sweat from the high humidity. There would be no records set by the winners Saturday, although many runners were pleased to finish and beating their own personal bests. (more…)