09/06/19 8:00am

Mr. Lomuscio explores the secrets behind living for a century.

We tend to think of end-of-life issues when we plan for our retirement. Will I have enough cash to last me until the end? Will I have enough to take care of me in my dotage? Will I need to move from my house?


08/27/19 4:30pm

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How many times have you retired folks been asked: “How do you like the retirement life?”

During my life, I thought someday it would be great to wake up every morning and have the option to do anything I wanted for that day. Now, I realize, as nice as that sounds, we human beings are not wired that way. (more…)

03/08/18 8:00am
STOCK PHOTO | A relaxing beach in Florida.

STOCK PHOTO | A  beach in Florida.

I wrote recently about my February road trip to points south. There were stops along the way, but a good portion of time was spent in southwest Florida. The weather was absolutely perfect as far as I was concerned even though some of the Floridians I met were complaining about the “winter heat wave” they were enduring. I had no problem with it.

My trip lasted some three weeks. I arrived back on the Island last Saturday. (more…)

01/06/12 3:00pm


Jason A. Green captained his last South Ferry crossing at the helm of the M/V Southside on Friday, December 23 after 39 years with the company. Family and crew members greeted him at dockside and the M/V Lt. Joe Theinert gave Captain Green a firehose salute to mark the occasion of his retirement. Captain Green leaves quite a family legacy at South Ferry, which employs Captain Seth Green, Captain Keturah Green, Captain Jason T. Green and his nephew Scott Overstreet.

South Ferry Company President Cliff Clark said later, “Jason was so much more than the captain of a ferry boat, although he did that to the highest level. He brought a spirit with him — a gentleness and a kindness — that bespoke his deep faith.”