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11/02/16 4:30pm
PHOTO COURTESY SOTHEBY'S INTERNATIONAL REALTY This Queen Anne mansion set on a 4.8-acre Nostrand Parkway estate has a price tag of $32 million.

PHOTO COURTESY SOTHEBY’S INTERNATIONAL REALTY  This Queen Anne mansion set on a 4.8-acre Nostrand Parkway estate has a price tag of $32 million.

“Situated beyond the contamination of air and water due to great cities, upon the shores of clear salt water over a sand and pebbly bottom, near no large meadows, free from malaria, the air being pure, dry and balmy, this place offers a retreat for all who wish to retain or regain their health.”

So reads an 1894 ad published in the New York Daily Tribune touting the benefits of a home in a new development called West Neck Park on Shelter Island. Although there were originally plans for hundreds of cottages, according to a historical map, only a handful of houses were actually constructed.

But more than 120 years later, one of those homes — an exquisitely preserved Queen Anne mansion set on a rolling 4.8-acre estate — has hit the market for $32 million. (more…)

04/10/12 6:00pm

Google Earth | A house that stood at 29 Nostrand has been demolished to make way for Richard Tarlow's proposed house with two pools and garage.

The Town Board voted 4-0 with one abstention to grant Nostrand Parkway homeowner Richard Tarlow a special permit last week to construct a house that exceeds the 6,000-square-foot living area maximum set in the town code for triggering the special Town Board review process. The board found that three houses in the neighborhood have larger living areas and Mr. Tarlow’s proposal “is not out of keeping with the neighborhood.”

Mr. Tarlow won permission to build a 10,431-square-foot house with 8,412 square feet of livable space,  an 864-square-foot garage, decking and two swimming pools on the 1.9-acre property at 29 Nostrand Parkway. A house on the site, which is next door to his current home, has been torn down to make way for the new structures.

Councilman Peter Reich abstained because the Reich/Eklund construction firm is one of the bidders on the project.

There was no widespread opposition to the proposal when it was aired at a public hearing before the board on March 16. Some neighbors expressed concerns about the plan’s scale and its setbacks.

After the hearing, adjustments to the plans included a larger setback — more than 145 feet instead of 116 — from the seaward pool decking to the waterfront bulkhead and the installation of an infiltration trench at the property’s 15-foot contour to capture runoff. Automatic pool covers were also added as a feature.

“The proposed location” of the project, “as revised, is consistent with the setbacks of structures in this iconic neighborhood,” according to the resolution adopted by the board at its regular meeting on Thursday, April 5.

The board found the proposal complies with all setbacks and wetlands regulations. “The house will appear to be one-story from the street and two-stories from the water,” according to the board’s findings, “and applicant proposes a row of hedges along the road frontage to screen the property from the road …”

02/01/12 2:00pm

A Google Earth image of house, now demolished, that stood at 29 Nostrand Parkway.

Richard Tarlow has asked the Town Board for permission to exceed the zoning code’s 6,000-square-foot limit on living space to build a 10,431 square foot house including a three-car garage and two swimming pools on a 1.9-acre waterfront property at 29 Nostrand Parkway, adjacent to his current residence.

A house and garage on the property were removed in late 2011.

The Town Board reviewed the application for completeness on Tuesday at its work session. The board was expected at its formal meeting on Friday to schedule a public hearing on the application. It was filed in October by Mr. Tarlow’s architect, Daniel Butler.