10/04/19 4:15pm

It’s time for hot, and chilled, apple cider on the East End.

At this time of year, I determinedly avert my eyes from the growing collections of orange orbs beckoning from nearby farms. Just days into October, I’m not ready to surrender to the call of the pumpkin.


05/03/19 4:30pm

The Reporter’s wine columnist prepares us for warn summer days with rosé.

Just saying the word “rosé” brings a smile to the lips, for it embodies the essence of summertime. These light, fruity but dry wines call to mind fresh, cool meals on a porch or picnic blanket. Although the wine is traditionally imported from the Provence section of France, the East End has come to the fore in producing delicious rosés.


02/15/19 4:30pm

Island Spirits, a new column by Susan Carey Dempsey, debuts.

Among the many joys of living on our sheltered island, between the North and South Forks, are the fine vineyards that have burgeoned on the East End over the last four decades. Having learned how to take full advantage of our climate for growing grapes, the winemakers have continued to develop products that can stand on their own, not pale imitations of well-known wines from other regions.


03/18/18 11:00am
COURTESY PHOTO | Greer Garson and Walter Pidgeon in the 1942 film ‘Mrs. Miniver’ with the elusive rose.

COURTESY PHOTO | Greer Garson and Walter Pidgeon in the 1942 film ‘Mrs. Miniver’ with the elusive same-named rose.

If you’re my age, you remember World War II — the day it began and the day it ended. But we also know that our memories are not entirely reliable. So I’ve researched the story I want to tell you as carefully as I could, but if any of you remember or know some more sources, do get in touch — call me, I’m in the book. And I’ll try to distinguish between what I think I remember and what the literature says. (more…)