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07/19/19 2:00pm

JUDY CARD PHOTOS Tom Cronin coming in to Wades Beach Wednesday afternoon after his record-breaking journey from Shelter Island to the Bahamas and back.

One storm “put the fear of God in me,” Tom Cronin said Friday, safe at home on Shelter Island.

The retired Shelter Island Police officer was 22 miles offshore on his jet ski when he was in the middle of 5-foot waves and lightning strikes. Unable to get to land, he had to ride out the storm for about two hours. (more…)

06/21/19 8:00am

JASON GREEN PHOTO Tom Cronin, left, and Toby Green, bound for Florida, and the record book

Continuing our adventures with Shelter Island’s thrill-seeking buddies, Toby Green and Tom Cronin — two middle-aged family men who still have much exploration left in their lives — here’s the news. (more…)

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04/30/19 8:00am

COURTESY PHOTO Sea Tow I pictured in 1985.

For their most challenging salvage jobs, the crews at Sea Tow Eastern Long Island turn to their oldest, most trusted boat: Sea Tow I.

More than three decades after first entering the water, the 24-foot vessel still operates with its original hull. The steering wheel is original. The distinctive yellow paint dates back to 1997, having received only occasional touch-ups since.

It’s estimated the tow boat has responded to 11,750 jobs and operated for just under 30,000 hours of towing. (more…)