05/27/18 8:00am


According to various reports from the federal government, substance abuse among older adults is a growing problem in this country.

Last week the Reporter had a front-page story on a vigil to recognize the “opioid crisis” on Long Island. What’s not totally recognized is how the problem is affecting seniors.  (more…)

05/21/18 10:00am
A cute (and well trained) puppy is the way to go. STOCK IMAGE

STOCK IMAGE A cute (and well trained) puppy is the way to go.

I was pleased to hear from Senior Center Director Laurie Fanelli last week that she’s getting out of rehab after fracturing her hip. She said she’d be back at her office this week. Great recovery Laurie! You were missed at the Center and everyone’s glad you’re returning.

Laurie recently found herself in a predicament that’s all too common with seniors. She was walking her daughter’s dog when it pulled her down. An accident, and not the pooch’s fault, but a scary situation nonetheless. (more…)

05/04/18 10:00am

Old memories of old boats. (Stock image).

Spring has certainly been a long time coming. I remember leaving for the South in February and figuring I’d be gone for the worst weather.

I was wrong.

I am still getting large heating bills even though they’re for April. I do have electric heat but it’s never been this bad. Let’s hope that May is warm. (more…)